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itara uma sumeros, communications, marketingJust like many of you, I watched the year 2000 end of the world predictions. And just like you I didn’t understand computers, but I knew we had a communication problem and needed a solution. As I read newspapers, magazines, listened to radio and watched television, I never once thought that the idea of bringing all of this information together would be unwelcome, but that’s exactly what happened. Everyone I talked to was terrified of the idea.

So I started Suneva Webcasting, a company dedicated to making information and communication work for small businesses. I learned how to make marketing work on the Internet, but it hasn’t been all smooth sailing. There were no crowdfunding or technology business grants. I was working as a legal assistant to get the business going and two months later the World Trade Center disaster took the lives of two business partners, putting everything on hold. Can you imagine how different this situation would have been if smartphones were available then?

Today what started as a vision has become reality. There are so many ways for you to reach your audience no matter what your budget. Now the challenge is how to make sense of all marketing and information technology tools available. You’ll find a wealth of empowering information on how we can make our businesses more productive, our relationships more rewarding and our world more harmonious using effective communication strategies, products and services.

But the first step is up to you. Trust me, I know from personal experience that running a business today is not easy. To be successful, you need partners as well as resources. So let us help you have the marketing vehicles, communication skills, business development tools you need to look great on the web, in print or on camera. Are you ready to get started? Give us a call at 504-299-3431.